Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beware enabling post.....

Well at first I was just going to tease you with one or two new pictures but I got carried away..... So here goes the newest Nora Corbett Couture Pixies..... Aren't they beautiful....I need more time to actually stitch them though....
Meet Holly
and Jasmine And I can't remember posting Mirabella Bluebeard's Princess Another beauty.........And I really I mean really want to stitch Autumn in my Garden I just love those pumpkins!!!! I acquired this little cutie a week or so ago by Lavender Wings a santa ...I think his name is -----long legs but I have to check on that
There are more to be sure such as Nora's new letters I just love the "G' and will have to do her for my dear goddaughter but can't seem to find the picture of her. Oh well I hope you enjoyed this enabling filled post. I am off to feed the dog and stitch whilst watching a movie........

I am grateful for all my stitching time but need no want more time.......don't we all though


  1. Lovely new charts - I had spotted the new pixies over the weekend. Can't wait for her to bring out the letter J.....

  2. Evil, evil woman!!! ;) I ADORE Holly! I must have her! As for Autumn in My Garden, I have her in my stash, and I'm dying to start her. I have to finish my niece's gift first, though.

  3. Yes you are indeed an enabler! But a good one:)
    Love all of these and now I'm off to find them!

  4. Fabulous new patterns Juls!!! I'd better get Autumn Lady finished quickly before you do.(LOL) She's such a wonderful stitch. Love your new Santa.


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