Sunday, February 19, 2017

Forever and a day

So I feel as if I've been gone way too long....life somehow got in the way..... so here I am with pictures mostly !!  Queen Mariposa © Mirabilia. I'm so close that she has been my focus.  Next is the Beautiful Sea SAL by Ship's Manor and I'm just one part behind ...... I'll catch up this week  and next are my framed Nora Corbett watercolors that I got at last years MMR ( Mirabilia Minions Retreat)   And how could I forget my 2 other Mirabilia's that are patiently waiting for their bling and back stitching...... Snow Queen above and The Twin Mermaids below... I have a few more started as well.....  the Mira MysterySal
 Tree of Hope
 Garden Party
 Mermaid of Atlantis
 Gypsy Queen 
 And lastly Fairy Idyll 
I almost forgot Fairy Roses.....
That's it for now. And hopefully I won't be gone quite so long as I found a new mobile blogging app!!!
xoxo, Juls 


  1. You have some amazing projects going.
    Keep sharing the pics with us. :)
    I think my favorite is Fairy Idyll, it's just beautiful on that fabric, picture-perfect!

  2. Wow. Such lovely projects. Beautiful work!

  3. Well hi there Julie. Good to see you and all the wonderful projects you have been working on.
    I want to attend that Garden Party.

  4. Nice to see you back! Garden Party is lovely as are all the others, but Snow Queen is on my wishlist and is my favourite ever...I just love her.

    Nice to see a Mirabilia finished and framed too! It looks beautiful.

  5. Wow...I just love all of your Projects...they are so beautiful....and I love the colors of them. You sure been very busy.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  6. Love them all. You have a very good eye at choosing fabric for your designs. They are all perfect accompaniments. I would have to say Garden Party is my favourite, but they are all amazing.
    xo Alicia

  7. Ooo gorgeous pieces! I love Aphrodite so far I think she's my favorite

  8. Garden Party & Queen Mariposa...How beautiful stitching! I can't but admire.


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