Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One last post or two in one day

Hi again. Just one more post before work and leaving for NY....Did every one see the newest pixies......if not here they are!!!!! Iris
and Morning Glory
Thanks for visiting and see you all next week...oh and I had a new start today.....details next week when I return!

I am grateful for friends......


  1. Hi Juls,
    Cirque looks stunning. You are making wonderful progress.

    You've sure found some cute new patterns and I'm looking forward to seeing your new start.

    Not to much to report here. Got home last night from 9 days in the northwest and Canada. Wonderful family visit. Of course in the meantime we have more unforseen hurdles here. Hopefully things will straighten around soon.

    Now it's your turn to visit NY and your family. Have an amazing time.

    hugs, Margaret

  2. I love those 2 new pixies. They are so much more elegant.

    I have awarded you on my blog. Pls. check it out Thanks! =)


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