Thursday, September 25, 2008

Unimaginative title or just migrained out....

Well here I am! I find myself with some alone time while MIL and her BF are down on the Strip seeing a show! I did have a new start but not the one I thought...one that was calling my name loudly and was already kitted up! It is Ocean's Daughter by ?!Who Knew?! Here is the model picture and hopefully soon I will have a picture of my wip soon...not enough done to post just yet...I know I'm teasing but hang on I do have pictures to show !
Here is Cinderella Sampler wip picture and Fairy Moon . I did finish my LHN Schoolgirl Lessons And I started another LHN but at the moment the name escapes me. And I brought home Cinderella from my LNS... Stitcher's Paradise and hung her over our bed Not the greatest of pics ...but I was going to hang it elsewhere in the room and asked DH what he thought and where it should go and his reaction was perfect.. "it's the most beautiful piece you've done so it goes over the bed!!!!" Yes he's a keeper!!!!

I am going into the 3rd day with this migraine not really a migraine but an icepick type headache called "chronic paroxysmal hemicrania" I have been living on indocin which is the only treatment and it goes away but comes back and taunts me....right now it's gone and I plan to take full advantage of the painfree state! I am going to get a cup of tea before MIL/BF call to be picked up on the Strip....about a 30 minute ride...I may just go in my pj's.....I can see the conversation now..."in your pj's'" but I wasn't planning to get out of the car".....LOL! I am enjoying their visit now that the adjustment week is over!!! I do love her and she treats me so wonderfully! There is dinner every night...I think I've cooked once in the past 2 weeks! She is a kind gentle woman who is a joy and it is my honor to be part of her family and she raised an exceptional son!!!!!

Okay I'm off to get my cup of tea.....

ETA...Dh just called and he's going to bring MIL/BF home so I get to have my tea and stitch....a keeper for sure!!!!!

I am grateful for quiet nights and finally being painfree.....


  1. Oh everything is just precious. Thanx for sharing. Your DH response is so sweet. Definitely a keeper.

  2. Cinderella looks just marvelous, I just love the mats and how they are cut in the corners to match the border on the stitching. Your fairy moon is just gorgeous and the fabric for it is luscious. Your cinderella sampler is looking very nice too. I very often love whatever you are stitching.

  3. Cinderella is gorgous !!!

    It's nice reading you enjoy your MIL: we read so many complaints about them ;-)

    Like always it is such a pleasure to read your blog and see all the wonderful pieces you stitch.

    I hope you feel better with your migraine. I didn't know this kind of migrnaine existed ...

  4. It is good to see that Cinderella has finally returned home. DH is so right - it is a stunning piece and I am sure they will miss it at SP.

    How lovely that your MIL is visiting and treating you to her lovely meals. Glad though that you get to have these quiet times by yourself as well as this is something we all need.

    Right you are Juls - it is time to start planning our mummy SAL. What seems like a good date to you - Halloween 2008 or 01/01/09 or something else? Just let me know. I may ask you to get me some of the specialty floss if you don't mind. Will send you $ for floss & postage and then please just send it the cheapest way.

    I miss you dear Vegas friends.

    hugs, Margaret

    PS The car has now been loaded in Long Beach. It won't arrive until November 15 though as it will be coming here via China. This is the honest truth Juls.

  5. I wasn't sure I wanted to stitch Cinderella, but after seeing yours...I just might! I love the Mermaid pattern, do you have the other one too? Can't wait to see that one started.


  6. BTW...your husband IS a keeper! I ended up hanging Mirabilia's June Fairy in our bathroom, cuz it was my husband's favorite. So, I guess mines a keeper too! lol

  7. Ugh, no fun. I get head aches like that. I hope it clears soon.
    Cindy looks stunning.

  8. WOW! Your work is beautiful and your right, your DH is a keeper. Hope the headache leaves for good soon. I get migranes too and they are no fun!

  9. Cinderella is gorgeous! Perfect place to hang it, too! I also really like the Cinderella Sampler! The piece you stitched for your sister is beautiful and I'm sure it holds such treasured memories for you. Sorry to hear about your migraine. I get those icepick headaches, too, but they usually only last for a few seconds or so. I did have one once that lasted on and off through the day. Gosh, I never realized there was a name for it! Can't wait to see more of your great stitching, Juls!!

  10. Cinderella is gorgeous! It really is quite lovely.

  11. I love seeing all this pictures! The mermaid piece is remarkable!

  12. Oh, so gorgeous stitching, Juls. I'm still worried about your migraines. Have you really checked them out? You have them so often! Have you seen a neurologist?? Love and hugs,Deb

  13. The Cinderella is gorgeous! The sampler is awesome too. I am sure you'll tame those LHN things.
    I am sad for your headache. It's far from nice.


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