Monday, December 22, 2008

Mery Merry Happy Happy

I truly can't remember not feeling the Christmas spirit this badly in a very long while......I love Christmas but this year just seems to be leaving me blah. I spent a very lazy day yesterday not moving from the house and today I must get things done! We are planning on getting our tree this evening but even that doesn't excite me. I must shake this mood. I think my mother's visit just exhausted me plus the unusual snow we had...it was my first time driving in it! I never had a car in NY ..I took mass transit everywhere so it was unnerving to actually drive in it. But on to better things....

I received a most lovely gift from Sally for her recent blogaversary and here it is.....
I absolutely love it!!!!! The chocolate was so delicious and is gone though I did share with DH! More pictures......
and The finishing is perfect and everyone at my wednesday stitching group was in love with it also!!!!!

Now some pictures of our snow here in Las Vegas....and yes my dear Storm is confused and eventually refused to go out at all. I always wondered how she'd react and now I know!!!
"What is this white stuff and why is it in my yard!!!" I believe that what she must have been thinking....

This is of the front of our house...the flakes were huge!!!

The last picture is of my patio and pool including the firepit...just completely covered in the white stuff!!!! Let's remember I moved to sunny Las Vegas to get away from the snow and cold!!!!!

Now if you are still with me ...I have an annoucement!!! I thank all who voted in my poll to decide my Jan 1st start but I changed my mind once again. It is going to be Holly by Nora Corbett I received the perfect fabric for her from my Silkweavers FOTM . It is an opalescent lugana called Boo..... The reason for this change of heart was simply that I have too many BAP's already going and was afraid of feeling overwhelmed...which may explain a lot these days......So Holly will be my new start...going to get the threads today!!!!

In case I don't get to post again before the big day...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! Stay safe and warm and may your needle fly through your fabric!!!!!

I am grateful for our fireplace ......


  1. I feel the same way about Christmas this year. I wasn't really into it last year either. The years before that I was really into it: decorating the tree & house, running around buying presents for everyone, and sending out cards.

    I'll be happy when the new year comes, a fresh new start!

  2. Oooooh, I love Holly! I can't wait to see your progress on her. Love the pictures of Storm in the snow, too funny. Trooper is the opposite. We can't keep him OUT of the snow (or the rain). Hope you manage to muster a bit of Christmas spirit! I'm sending you lots of Jolly Vibes from Freeeezing NY!

  3. That snow is unreal! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. Ho-ho-hoping that the Christmas spirit finds you this year, weariness and cold notwithstanding. ;)

  5. Jules - I love your new Nora Corbett choice. She is stunning. Hopefully the Christmas spirit will visit you soon.
    Just love all that snow in Vegas!!

  6. Oooh you got snow!!! I didn't think it snowed in Vegas!!

    So pleased you liked the blogoversary prize:)

    I'm looking forward to you new start! She's going to be so pretty:)

    Happy Christmas Juls!

  7. Your dog looks adorably confused in the snow! LOL! I just finished digging myself out of 40cm this weekend up in Canada...my cats don't know what to think!
    Holly is gorgeous!!! You made a great choice!
    How are you doing with Pillars of the Earth? Do you love it yet?

  8. Snow? You are very lucky, my DH complains every year we don't get any! Love Holly, I hope she brings some Christmas cheer as you stitch.

    Have a great Christmas.

  9. Love the ornie and your new start pick! I'm lacking the Christmas spirit this year too, but it's because our family is so far away and Mr. Right's knee surgery is keeping us in:( Ah, 2009 shall be better:)


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