Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! The picture is from 2 years ago when I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner and my dear MIL was in town. Since she came early this year I chose to work and be off for Christmas this year!!!!!! So I want everyone to enjoy their celebrations and families on this very special day!!!!And eat some turkey for me!!!!!

Here's just a few things I'm thankful for:

1. My very dear and loving husband who truly loves me unconditionally!!!!!
2. My nieces who are my heart and their dear father my brother!
3. My extended family who love me and make me feel so special even if I sometimes have my doubts!!!!
4. My wonderful memories of my sister who I know is watching over me from heaven !!!
5. My friends both online and off xoxoxo
6. My stitching time and the joy that stitching brings me
7. and of course my dear puppy Storm who keeps me warm and safe and grounded xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
8. Pilates and the amazing way it makes me feel!!!!
9. My stitching group at SP . I just love being a part of the group and the many things they have all taught me!!!!!
I will not add my grateful tag line since I've made this a thankful/grateful filled post!!!!


  1. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family:)

  2. Love seeing your progress!!! I think I would have picked the same, to work Turkey day and be able to enjoy Christmas with the family!! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy stitching!

    ~A Joyful Stitcher~

  3. I don't think my turkey has ever looked that tasty! LOL!

  4. Thanks - and I hope you had a happy one - I was working as well. ;)

  5. A yummy picture!! and so many wonderful reasons to be thankful!!

    I am thankful to have met you Juls.



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