Monday, December 1, 2008

A question............

I am sitting here very satisfied! Simply because I have managed to stitch lots this weekend and and I still have today as well!!!! I did a bit on PR's Stitching Fairy and then it was Fairy Moon both on saturday. On sunday I picked up my Rosewood Manor Alphabet name....I don't have any new pictures but here is RM when I last stitched on it...I am almost done with the "A"
I shall take some progress pics today and post soon!

Is anyone else out there thinking of your New Year's Day start.....I know I am and feeling truly torn between Mirabilia's Autumn in my Garden and Birds of a Feather "Toile Rooster" And of course in looking for these I found several more that just further confused me..... So which do you think I should start??? Maybe I'll put up a poll in my sidebar.....And yes before it's said I have many WIP's so I really shouldn't start another one but it's New Years and since when did I need a reason to have a new start!!!!!
I am grateful for choices even if they may confuse me.....


  1. Hmmm... Well, I'm partial to Autumn in my garden because I have her in my stash (with all the other "...in My Garden" designs) and I have the ulterior motive of wanting to see her stitched up! So I vote for Autumn! Although the Rooster looks lovely, too!

  2. And Autumn gets my vote. There are several of us starting new Mirabilia's on Jan 1st - some from the Snowbird blog - interested?????
    Love your Manor Alphabet. The details are amazing.

  3. I voted for Autumn!

    I'm definitely having a new start on New Years Day as that's when the Needleprint Beatrix Potter SAL starts:)

    Your blogoversary prize should be in the post tomorrow:) I hope you like it.

  4. I started thinking about that last night!! But I have so many WIPs I don't know if I can justify a new start!! =) I like the Autumn one! that's my vote!!

    ~A Joyful Stitcher~

  5. I love Autumn, but we just did our kitchen in french country,,,which means roosters,,,sooo:)
    Both are wonderful!

  6. Love your new year start choices. I would vote for Autumn. Mine will be the Beatrix Potter. Hxx

  7. I say 'Autumn in my Garden' but of course you knew I would.(LOL) She is such a fun stitch - just ask Brenda.

    My 01/01/09 start will be 'Hometown Holiday'. I have the fabric (overdyed bluebell that I bought at SP) and most of the floss. My SIL in Michigan is sending the rest of them. As soon as I receive them I will kit the whole thing.


  8. I love the alphabet! What fabric and floss did you use?

    I vote for Autumn too. :)


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