Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just remembering

Just a quick post that has been living in my head for days.... I have been feeling nostalgic but much more than that. It's something I can't seem to put my finger on or even comprehend completely. How's that for confusing ! I am missing my favorite Aunt who passed away this past October. I just adored her and always felt she knew me best! I got married on her birthday to honor her and her memory but most importantly just what it meant to have her in my life!!!! I have posted a picture here from my wedding she is on the left dressed in white! This is the group shot I wanted and managed to get on that day and it is now in my wedding album. It is of all my female family members...it seemed like I needed to have this shot. Only one is missing simply because she had to work.

Still considering my Jan 1st start...I may be switching it up....so stay tuned!

I am grateful for my Aunt....


  1. Such a beautiful pic to go with your wonderful memories:) I'm sorry you lost someone so special. You were blessed to have had her in your life...just think, you're that special to someone too and you may not even realize it:) Have a wonderful weekend Juls!

  2. What a beautiful photo Juls. Lots of hugs coming your way.

  3. Oh yes my friend - it's the time of year to be very nostalgic. I'm always so emotional I don't even like New Years Eve.

    A gorgeous picture of a wonderful friend and her female family.

    Sorry I missed the pecan pie this year. Have a lovely visit with your mom.

    hugs to you Juls


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