Sunday, December 7, 2008

Okay here it is.....

This is a non picture post. I am here today to admit that I am an official serial starter......that didn't hurt at all and the sky didn't fall in!!! Amazing but true...... I was talking to a friend earlier and she informed me that my sidebar was woefully not current. To which I said you really need to start a blog!!!!! That being said I have updated my sidebar WIP's to include all but 1 and that's only because I don't have a picture of it! So to answer everyone's next question the answer is 21 soon to be 22 with the New Year's start just around the corner! And my rotation seems to be whichever piece is calling to me the loudest.....it works for me!

I hope everyone is having a stitchy sunday and keeping warm since it's freezing here in sunny warm Las Vegas!!!!!!!!

I'm off to cook dinner and stitch while watching movies....and of course a big cup of tea!!!!

I am grateful for lazy days.........


  1. Juls, I bet it's warmer than our 19 degrees. There is nothing like Winter in the Midwest to remind you what cold really is.

    Hope your Sunday is pleasant.

  2. It's so cold here! It was 25 degrees when I got up this morning and the car door was frozen shut. UGH...winter.


  3. Your wips are awesome!! and you've made great progress on them. I really don't see a problem:):):)
    Life is short....enjoy:) I know I'm enjoying watching each of their progress!

  4. Yeeps!! 22 WIPs! Bless your heart, Juls. I have 4 WIPs, and I can hardly sleep at night, lol... I tried to be a rotation stitcher, and found I didn't do well with a lot of WIPs, so now I'm back to being a one-at-a-timer. Not as exciting, it's true. But I seem to be more productive that way. All your WIPs are beautiful! I'm glad you got a day to be lazy and stitch!

  5. Juls...welcome to the club! lol. I am also a serial starter...it's a bad habit...I tried a 12 step group for it, but still am not over it...for all the people in my support group (Stitching bloggers) are very bad influences on me and I have yet to be clean...what to do?!::shrug:: LOL!
    Happy Stitching...or should I say...Happy Starting! lol

    It really doesn't matter! Just hae fun with it!
    ~A Joyful Stitcher~

  6. Ack!! What's one more wip??? xx

  7. 22 Wip thats not bad at all, and rub it in that its warm its freezing here and my boiler has broken down think i need to move to over the pond lol


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