Thursday, December 4, 2008

Progress and how did I miss this????

I started the day with a Pilates Mat class.....before even a cup of coffee! What was I thinking??? But it was a great way to start the day! I am getting better in Mat class all the time and am considering getting a Pilates Ball to exercise at home with. I truly do love it!
I have an update on Rosewood Manor ABC Tapestry....I tweaked the picture a bit and just figured out how to add text to pictures..... I loved working on this letter and completed most of it in 3 days.......
Next is a bit of confusion....I had almost settled on Mirabilia's Autumn in My Garden when I happened to mention Quaker Christmas at SP wednesday stitching group and it turns out one of the ladies is doing it as her Jan 1st start....it would be fun to do it as a SAL. So I ordered it and am sitting here confused. Here's a picture of it... Maybe I'll add it to my sidebar poll...... I'm still 99% sure about Autumn in My Garden being my Jan 1st start but I love Quaker Christmas too......
Next I have a question...How did I miss the new Ink Circles compnaion to Cirque des Cercles and Triangular (which I have kitted up)......Cirque des Carreaux I fell in love so I have that on order as well.......Still considering color combinations...... I'm thinking lilacs or reds...
ETA...I can't edit my sidebar poll so just let me know what you think in the comments....
And thanks for visiting with me!!!!!
I am grateful for Pilates and the way it makes me feel......


  1. Well, I'm still voting for Autumn in My Garden for strictly selfish reasons, of course. ;) I also fell in love with Cirque des Carreaux, and promptly added it to my wish list!

  2. Decisions decisions!! I love quaker christmas and have it on my wishlist and i really love that new ink circles one!! You enabler you! Might add that to the list although must get on with CDC first LOL

  3. I'm another one who loves the new Ink Circles design.:D

  4. Well, I just finished A Quaker Christmas last month and I LOVE it! but every chart you pick is so hard to resist!! So, why don't you do a rotation? Depending on your schedule and how many days or nights a week you stitch. Make Mondays one project, Tuesday another,,,etc. That way you could work on more than one consistantly.
    That's what I'm thinking of doing:)

  5. Sorry Juls, got sidetracked! Your Rosewood Tapestry is absolutely beautiful! I'm not familiar with this piece. Are you doing the entire alphabet? I love it!

  6. Oh what!!!! I have jsut been given A Quaker Christmas and I just love it too but I have to put it on hold for at least a year as I have signed up for way to much for 2009! And what are you doing showing me the new Ink Circles one!!!!! Hey there is a pic of me with my red, RED hair on my blog if you want to compare heads lol. xx

  7. I love the new Cirque, too. Hoping I've got enough set aside to purchase it!

  8. Juls,

    I've been missing reading your blog and seeing your amazing WIPs and finishes, and the ABC Sampler is just gorgeous. A woman in my stitching group is working on the entire alphabet on 40ct and it's simply gorgeous!!! I love all the little hidden goodies you can find in there, and she even added a few of her own!

    Also, your Halloween fairy is so beautiful. I still can't figure out how so many stitchers can finish so many projects so quickly. I just finished my Angel of Autumn (by Lavender & Lace) and it's been 2 years in the making... altho I HAVE put it down for weeks at a time.

    Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" and keep stitching. Hoping to update my blog soon....



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