Monday, February 2, 2009

Holly progress...well sort of...

First and foremost a big thanks to all of you who commented and sent prayers and well wishes for my niece! I spoke with her yesterday and she is feeling better. She sees the doctor next tuesday so we'll know more then. My mean red also lifted. I have been feeling tired and just decided to go with it and I slept in yesterday and today till about 1 ish and napped yesterday so I feel better.

I have some progress on Holly although not as much as I wanted. But still she has a face and arms now! The pale blue in the corner is just a shadow. I snapped the picture quick so I could post early and go stitch for the rest of the day.......

I had planned on starting the new Cirque des Carreaux from Ink Circles yesterday with a friend from SP but we decided to wait until March 1st. And have you seen the newest one from this month's Just CrossStitch magazine...Oh my I love it so I am picking through my stash to find fabric and then can decide on thread colors..... well I'm off to stitch...

I am grateful for pajama days......

May your needle fly through your fabric.........


  1. Lovely progress on Holly Fairy. I'm afraid my is laying in the basket looking unloved.
    I have Cirque des Carreaux too but it will have to wait for another year.
    Today was my pajama day. Sometimes we just need these.

  2. What a gorgeous little pixie! She looks fabu!

  3. Happy to hear your neice is feeling better. Hope it continues:)

    Beautiful progress on your Holly Fairy!

  4. Ohhh Holly is coming along beautifully!!! I'm so glad to hear that your niece is feeling better!!

    Carolyn :)

  5. She looks so beautiful! Glad you're feeling a tad bit better, and also your niece. And yes, I love pajama days, too!

  6. I somehow missed the bit in your post about your niece. I do hope she continues to feel better. Happy to hear you're feeling better soon.

    Love your progress on Holly:)

  7. Miss Holly is coming along so nicely! I just saw the Cirque des Carreaux the other day. Absolutely lovely!

    I'm glad to hear both you and your niece are doing better. Take care!

  8. I hope it's not too serious for your niece .

    Holly looks great ;-)

  9. Wow great progress on your Miss Holly! Nice colors too!

  10. Holly is going to be an absolute beauty. Love her so far.

    So sorry your niece is not well. What a worry for all of you. Glad she was able to fly back to NY for treatment. I'm sure she feels your love across the miles Juls.

    Now I'm trying to figure out who you are SALing your cirqe with this coming March.

    hugs from Holland,

  11. your fairy is very nice with her face and arms now !
    the new Ink circle is very very nice too !

  12. Holly is looking so lovely! I may just have to purchase the pattern myself and do it! She'll go great with Poppy!

    I can't wait to see her finished!

  13. I can't wait that you start that new CDC2! The CDC1 was awesome, and I've no doubt CDC2 looks awesome too.


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