Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Revised List....

And once again I present to you my revised WIPocalypse after much thought this list is better the pieces are far closer to being done and it seems less daunting now.....
2012 WIPocalypse:

1.Holly by Mirabilia

2.Miss Valentine by Mirabilia
3.Quaker Faith Hope and Love
4.Angels Dwell Here
5.Quaker Gone Tropic
6.Salem Remembered
7.Nora's Alphabet
8.Dog Lessons by Lizzie Kate
9.Pumpkin Crow
10.Christmas Elf

Happy New Year ...........and what is everyone starting on the first????? Curious minds need to know......

1 comment:

  1. I think that it's hard to make up lists early in the year because my thoughts always change in a month or two. I haven't made up a definitive list, but all my projects are stacked in the guest room. No rummaging in the craft room - they all have to come from the WIP stack.

    Good Luck!!


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