Monday, January 23, 2012

January IHSW

Hello all.....this month's IHSW was a bit of a bust for me and maybe I should not have signed up but I did....Have I mentioned that I abhor the word "should" it just implies regret to me and I honestly don't have any. I did work Friday and Saturday so I had grand plans of stitching when I got home but the only thing I did was fall sound asleep..too funny I know.....and that's with caffeine.

Since I finished the mermaids recently I thought what can I stitch then I found this gorgeous fabric at my LNS called Witches Brew and my love of Rose pixie © Mirabilia took hold.......so I started her on Thursday technically not IHSW
Rose pixie © Mirabilia (pre pic)

and here is the post picture with what I had accomplished by last night ......

I truly think I have Mermaid fever.....is that even possible .....I think it must be simply because Bluebeards Princess © Mirabilia sang her song and I have answered with a start as of tonight! She is just so pretty and I have the chart and fabric and basic threads so I say why wait! But to tell you an honesty it is not helping my WIPocalypse list at all! 
I keep re-editing this but I must add that I had the most lovely visit with Kathy  . It's so great meeting fellow stitchers and being able to share our addiction love of counted cross stitch! We started with lunch and then it was off to Stitcher's Paradise for stitching and stash enhancement !!! The wonderful ladies I stitch with each Wednesday had heard Kathy was coming so we were a group of 5 and it was such a fabulous time.....a bit like we'd all known each other forever! Well I'm off to the call of the Mermaid Princess...


  1. I, for one, am glad you joined us. Falling asleep after a long day's of work is hard not to do. :)

    Rose is looking great and I'm looking forward to seeing Bluebeard. Way I see it, thurs night was already Friday morning somewhere in the world, so thinking of it as IHSW works for me! ;)

  2. Sometimes a good rest is needed ;)
    A small progress is a progress! Looking good ;)

  3. Great start on the pixie! I like the fabric you chose.

  4. This really does not do the fabric justice! Cannot wait to see Rose and the New Mermaid (be careful they do become an obsession and before you know it you have an entire school of sirens!).

  5. Every stitches are progress in our work!! Mine were also little, but better than any at all! :)

    I think its so great that you have friends to stitch with, all together! I would love to have that here :)



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