Sunday, November 8, 2015

Did you miss me?

I'm going to make this a picture heavy post.... Lots done but all in need of beading and back stitching. 
Let me explain for the past 4 months my mother in law has been here and 3 of those her boyfriend was here too... At
age 90 and 80 respectively !! It's been a rough time between hospital for a bilateral pulmonary embolism then rehab then a fall resulting in a broken wrist.  We have 12 hour care for her as well......  I love my mother in law but can't seem to bead while she's here.  So I shall bead in a week when she returns to NY. 
And I've made another decision Sunday is going to be Mirabilia wip day starting with Fairy Moon of course after my mil returns to NY.....
Thanks for reading my blog!!! I hope not to be gone so long in the future!!


  1. I've missed you!
    I was checking, and checking for updates on your gorgeous projects.
    It looks like you've gotten a lot done.
    Hope you MIL is ok.
    Thanks for posting pics of your updates.
    Can't wait to see more with the beading done.

  2. Beautiful stitching on all your gorgeous projects!
    Best of luck with your MIL

  3. Beautiful stitching - I really like the last one especially. Hope your MIL's health improves.

  4. They are all gorgeous!! Best of luck to your mil and kudos to you for caring for them! cant wait to see beads on the Miras!

  5. Super great fantastic projects
    Congratulations you stitched a lot.
    I look forward to see your needle works finished.
    You did a very great work.
    I wish to your family all the best. Ciao Giovanna

  6. Good to hear from you Julie.
    My goodness - you have had a busy time these past four months.
    I'm sure your MIL was thankful to be at your home.
    Love the pieces you have been stitching.
    Hugs, Margaret

  7. I missed you :) hope yr mom in law is doing ok now - i must say seeing your stitching progress inspires me! Love the progress youve made - What fabric is the raven queen done on ? Its a wow!

  8. Oh my you have been busy! I love the fabric you stitched Raven Queen on :o)
    Hugs xx

  9. They're all beautiful! Can't wait to see them at the shop all beaded!

  10. Beautiful stitching projects! I hope your mother-in-law is feeling better!

  11. That woman wearing a crown and a black dress...She's very royal looking.


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